The Fear within Shyness

I consider myself to be a pretty reserved person. Throughout my life, I’ve always been on the more shy and quiet side. I’ve never been one to voluntarily participate in class or want to be the center of attention. For a long time, I was like this because I was scared. Simple as that. I was scared of judgment, sounding stupid, and making a fool … Continue reading The Fear within Shyness

“Find your Passion”

Growing up, I always felt lost. All around me, I saw that everyone had a hobby that they were extremely skilled in. My brother was an amazing soccer player and my friends were all practically prodigies at things such as basketball, art, and piano. And me, well, I didn’t have that. I never had that one thing that filled me with so much passion so … Continue reading “Find your Passion”

 Live a level 10 life

It has been suggested that there are four different types of learners. People learn verbally, visually, through reading/writing,or through action. I’ve always been a visual learner. I understand things best when they are interpreted into a graph or chart. I incorporate this inside as well as outside of school. To measure myself as a person and of my growth, I like to create charts. I … Continue reading  Live a level 10 life

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

This is my personal experience with the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I picked this book up at the beginning of the year, with the yearning of new inspiration for the start of a great 2017. While browsing the shelves of novels in Target, my eye caught sight of a vibrant, rainbow cover. Upon further investigation, I came across the words “Big Magic.” Intrigued, I read the … Continue reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert