“Find your Passion”

Growing up, I always felt lost. All around me, I saw that everyone had a hobby that they were extremely skilled in. My brother was an amazing soccer player and my friends were all practically prodigies at things such as basketball, art, and piano. And me, well, I didn’t have that. I never had that one thing that filled me with so much passion so that it was constantly on my mind. I had taken dance for a few years, but I quit because I didn’t enjoy performing in front of others. I took art classes but I couldn’t hold my attention on one piece for too long. I attended ice-skating lessons, but after a while, it simply didn’t spark my interest anymore.

After all of these “failed” attempts to find my passion, I fell into a hole that consisted of feelings of worthlessness and insecurity. I felt like I was a boring person(which in a way I was) who had nothing to bring to the table. I was stuck in this hole for years, until I changed for the better about a year and a half ago.

There was a point when I realized that the only way I was going to find my passion was to continually search for it. I couldn’t let my failed attempts drag me down and keep me from trying again. So, I made a list of everything that interested me – things that provoked fascination and admiration when I saw them. I gradually went through the list, trying new things one at a time. Drawing? No, I was content with my stick figures. Piano? No, it’s too expensive. Soccer? No, I was too embarrassed by my lack of skills. Soon enough, those feelings of dread came back. That is, until I picked up the guitar. And wow, I absolutely fell in love with it. I loved (and still do love) everything about it – the music it produces, the maneuvering, and the overall process of learning the ins and outs of the instrument. I had a sense of fulfillment and I practiced all the time. This was the beginning of a journey to many interests and hobbies.

Gradually, more and more things began to interest me. I referred back to my list and continued to add more items to it. I started to try photography, photoshop, and even things that I had rejected before, like soccer and piano. Now, these are all skills that I am continuing to develop and improve. I watch countless tutorials for photoshop and piano, played on my school’s junior varsity soccer team, and I frequently go out to take plenty of photos. Now, I have the issue of being interested in too many things. As I live life, I encounter new things that I have an urge to try. As of right now, I am attempting to learn how to skateboard and play the ukulele.

So, if anyone reading this feels lost or worthless, remember that everyone has a purpose. It’s just your job to find it. Don’t give up because once you find that thing or things that fill you with passion, a new perspective in your life will open up and you will be so glad that you spent your time to find and develop your skill.

well, that’s all I have to say for now. Until next time 🙂


2 thoughts on ““Find your Passion”

  1. I’m so glad you’re experimenting with different hobbies and instruments, as well as revisiting old ones you left behind. Don’t feel like you shouldn’t try something simply because it’s too “popular” (I.e.: piano); it’s up to you to create your own, individual perception of whatever you want to do! Keep tackling everything step by step. 😁


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