Live a level 10 life


It has been suggested that there are four different types of learners. People learn verbally, visually, through reading/writing,or through action.

I’ve always been a visual learner. I understand things best when they are interpreted into a graph or chart. I incorporate this inside as well as outside of school. To measure myself as a person and of my growth, I like to create charts. I know it may seem weird to others that I have a chart about my daily moods and another of my progress on my new years resolutions. However, this is my way of recording my life and being able to go back and reflect on it later.

I recently saw a picture online of a chart entitled “A level 10 life.” It was a circle divided into ten equal sections, with 10 segments in each section. Each of the ten sections was labeled with a different aspect of life to be improved. Now, I don’t have the aspects of career or marriage in my life as of now, so my chart will be a little different. My categories will be the following: family and friends, education, fun, personal development, productivity, health/fitness, mental health, and giving/contributing. If I can fulfill these categories to “level 10,” I truly believe I will be living my life to the fullest. That’s my goal. I always thought living life to the fullest meant traveling and doing spontaneous things everyday. These things are very fulfilling and exciting, but it is not needed to live a great life. In my “about” page, I mention that life is about nurturing your passions and relationships. I’m taking that one step farther with this project.

When thinking of your “level 10” goals, think of what is important to you. What do you want to improve on? What do you feel you could be better at? What do you not put in enough time for? These are great questions to ask yourself when creating your goals. My goals are very vague, but your goals can be more specific. For instance, instead of “fitness” your goal could be to practice soccer everyday. The possibilities are endless.

IMG_3026My “level 10” life.

My “level 10” goals:

  1. Family and Friends – spend quality time with them, make new friends, maintain good relationships
  2. Education – try my best in school, absorb as much information possible outside of school
  3. Fun – go out often, try new things, travel, go on small adventures
  4. Mental Health – overcome anxiety, maintain a motivated and positive outlook on life
  5. Giving/Contribution – volunteer often, donate, random acts of kindness
  6. Productivity – Spend little time sitting around, spend almost all of my time on my other goals
  7. Personal Development – take up new hobbies and interests, keep good habits, work to better characteristics
  8. Health/Fitness – eat little junk food, exercise daily

I hope to update about my progress on this, but until then, I hope this post inspired you to fulfill your “level 10 life.” You do not have to keep a chart like I will; but take a few minutes to sit down and think about YOUR categories and what’s important to you. From there, work on improving each one to it’s full potential. It’s not going to happen overnight, but with determination, anything can happen. 🙂

Good luck on your journey to your “level 10” life!


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