A short day in San Francisco

A few days ago, I went to the great San Francisco! I only spent a selected amount of time there, but I was able to snap a few photos. These are by no means great photos, even by my standards, but I thought I would share.

On the way to sf. This photo is a little bland, but I love the depth of field in this.

A rainbow of homes. One of my favorite things about San Francisco is the beautiful array of colors in the architecture.

Vermont. I didn’t ask that guy to model lol.

Slight blur. Posted this on my instagram (@cleansethelens_   follow me ;)) because I love the colors and simplicity of this photo. There’s a slight blur because of my lack of skills, but I think it makes the photo more interesting. I’m just going to pretend I did this on purpose. 🙃

Streets of Art. Looks like there’s some great artwork in that alley, but I was way too scared to go in.

Muttville. The reason I went to sf. They are an amazing non-profit organization that rescues senior dogs that typically no one “wants.” Their dogs are so sweet! Definitely go check them out.

And that’s it! Those were some of the photos I took on my short one-day trip to San Francisco. I know these photos aren’t the greatest, but I wanted a photography post up to set the tone for the blog. I will definitely work on improving my skills and creativity. Hope you enjoyed!


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