To: Mimi

Happy Birthday Mimi! Thank you so much for everything you do for me. Year after year, week after week, day after day: you always put in so much effort to make me happy. I know often times I don’t show it, but I appreciate evrything you do for me very much. Everything from making me food, to driving me places, to jokingly(at least I hope you’re joking) making fun of me. Words cannot express the confusion I have in how you are able to do eveything haha. Honestly, if I were you, and I had to deal with me all the time, I would have lost my mind a long time ago. But here you are, still putting up with all my shit. So thank you for that. There are only a verrry limited amount of people in this world who can deal with me like the way you have to.

Thank you for being(or at least trying to be ;)) a cool mom; you are always making jokes and cursing at me. Whenever my friends meet you, they are always amazed at how chill you are haha.

Thank you for always putting me before yourself. Many times, you are very selfless in trying to provide for me and Cameron. You really are a “superwoman!!”

I am sorry for all the times I get angry or frustrated and take it out on you. I don’t mean it; it’s the hormones talking haha. But, I know this is not an excuse so I promise to try and improve.

I love you very much!! I hope that you had a great day and that you will remember it and the mermaid forever.

Your daughter, Amanda ❤


One thought on “To: Mimi

  1. What an absolutely lovely piece you wrote, it is the best birthday present ever. I am always going to be there for you, through thick and think, tears and laughter, joy and sadness. I love you unconditionally, even with your horrific moods and bitchiness (sp) 🙂

    I am definitely going to treasure the mermaid the rest of my lifetime. I had a most wonderful birthday because of you and Cam, the loves of my life. I am so proud of you two. I really can’t wait to wee you guys continue to grow and mature and become even more exceptional people. I knew from the day you guys were born that you would be extraordinary in everything you do.

    I am one lucky mom, I mean it. Love you so much!!

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